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Monthly Archives: June 2019

  1. EMAX - AVAN Scimitar series

    EMAX - AVAN Scimitar series

    We are proud to announce the AVAN Scimitar series, our new line of propellers based on flight time, low amp draw, and durability. This was achieved with the iconic Scimitar sword design to achieve a durable thickness while maximizing flight performance on a low pitch.

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  2. EMAX - Introducing Tinyhawk S

    EMAX - Introducing Tinyhawk S

    The Tinyhawk encapsulated the technological advancements made within the micro drone field, designed to fully realize the potential performance of a drone the size of the palm of your hand. But the engineers at EMAX didn't stop there. With further advancements pushing the boundaries within this miniature scale, the Tinyhawk S was born.

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