EMAX - Babyhawk R pro 4 inch

EMAX - Babyhawk R pro 4 inch

With progress continually pushing the limits of drone technology, EMAX has again done the impossible. With the demand for larger scale performance in a smaller form factor, EMAX has achieved desirable flight characteristics in all aspects by scaling up the Babyhawk R Pro platform.

By utilizing the completely reengineered Mini Magnum III, a miniature form factor was achieved while maintaining reliability in order to sustain flight characteristics of its larger counterparts. With a brand new power system, advancements in the 4 inch propeller class of this scale have never been achieved before.

Featuring an efficient but powerful 1606 sized motor with 3300kv for 4s voltage, the Babyhawk R Pro 4 inch maximizes the smaller sized format in order to mimic 5 inch characteristics. The complete power system offers an 11:1 power ratio delivering unmatched performance

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