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  1. Drone is Drifting in a Certain Direction

    FPV drones do not hold hovering position like a GPS camera drone.

    But if it is drifting a lot, first make sure all of your transmitter trims are centered. If using the controller from a TinyHawk RTF bundle, repeatedly push the trim buttons in one direction, then the other, until you hear a longer "beep" sound. Every press makes a "beep" sound, but there will be an audibly longer "beep" sound once you reach center.
    Next, connect the drone with a DATA USB cable (not just a charging one) to your computer and Betaflight Configurator. Please choose the right Configurator version for your particular drone (check our Knowledge Base articles). For example, if you have the original TinyHawk, follow the steps here to see which Configurator version you need:
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  2. BetaFlight Configurator - Installing Multiple Versions


    Is there a way to install multiple instances of BetaFlight Configurator on your PC?  I've got a TinyHawk (which needs v10.4.0), a TinyHawk S (which needs v10.5.1), and a TinyHawk II (which needs v10.6.0).  It seems whenever I install a new version (even if I put it in a different folder) it overwrites the old version so I keep needing to reinstall the correct BetaFlight version whenever I switch to a different drone.  Solution? 


    That is a common frustration. One workaround is to install one version with a custom name/filepath (i.e. change "Betaflight-Configurator" to "Betaflight-Configurator10.4"), go into the program folder and cut out all the folders/files, paste that into a temporary folder on my desktop. 

    Install the second version with a custo

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  3. Basic Betaflight & FrSky Radio Setup (TinyHawk Series)

    For those looking for a good basic guide on Betaflight & FrSky radio setup for the TinyHawk series, check out this video:

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  4. E6 (RTF) Radio Transmitter - Arming/Controls/Binding Issues

    When using the E6 transmitter (e.g. radio controller from a TinyHawk RTF bundle), you may encounter issues with binding/arming/controlling a BNF drone. To resolve these issues, you will need to follow the steps below to make certain changes in Betaflight. *

    This is because the E6 transmitter uses the traditional FrSky channel mapping order of AETR (aileron/elevator/throttle/rudder). On the other hand, the BNF drones come set up for later FrSky transmitters which commonly have a channel mapping order of TAER (throttle/aileron/elevator/rudder). Also, the E6 Transmitter only has two Aux switches, with Aux1 on the right side and Aux2 on the left side.

    When using an E6 radio control transmitter, please make the following changes in Betaflight Configurator (make sure to use the correct version for your respective drone's firmware):
    In the Receiver tab, change the Channel Map to AETR1234 (click the small down-arrow next to th
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  5. Flip Over After Crash (Turtle Mode/Crash Flip)

    Potential ESC/Motor Damage

    Please only use crash flip (aka turtle mode, anti turtle mode, flip over after crash) if you are an experienced pilot  know that there is nothing blocking/jamming a propeller/motor,  AND are willing to take the risk of damaging motors/ESC's which is not covered under warranty.*

    Sliding Instead of Flipping

    If you are experiencing difficulty with using crash flip (i.e. while using the four-blade propellers on the TinyHawk), please use the following CLI command in BetaFlight:

    set crashflip_motor_percent = 0

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  6. Gyro Calibration Error - Prevents Arming

    The calibration/arming issue is due to the gyro calibration and noise floor being set too low. This can be remedied in the CLI tab of Betaflight. You just need to enter "set gyro_calib_noise_limit = 150" and then "save". The value can go up to 200, but that is unlikely to be needed. If raising the noise floor doesn't resolve the issue, please reach out to support.

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  7. SPI Receiver D16 Protocol Binding

    Changes in Betaflight

    To bind the drone's built-in SPI receiver (i.e. TinyHawk v2, TinyHawk S, TinyHawk Freestyle) using D16 protocol, you must first change its receiver protocol. In Betaflight Configurator, go to the Configuration tab on the left column, change "Frsky_D" protocol to "Frsky_X" protocol, and click the "Save and Reboot" button.

    Binding with Bind Butt

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  8. Drone Does Not Connect

    If you are struggling with getting your drone to connect to your computer for Betalfight/BLHeli, make sure that you are using a data USB cable. Some cables are only for power/charging, and do not have data lines. So, try different USB cables first.

    Next, if you are still having issues, keep your drone plugged in via USB, and try running this Driver Fixer:

    As a last resort, you can try using the Boot button on your drone's flight controller board (not the Bind button). Using a non-metallic tool, press and hold the Boot button while plugging in the USB cable and powering up the flight controller. That usually gets you into bootloader/DFU mode. Do not worry if your fl

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  9. Betaflight Configurator - Use Correct Version

    Each version of the Betaflight Configurator is configured to work with a certain subset of firmware for the flight controller. The Configurator's user interface (UI), options/settings/functions/features available via the UI, ranges, default settings/tuning, and the terminology/nomenclature (even for a feature/function that used to be the exact same function) changes between major releases/versions. There is no 100% backwards compatibility. As such, you MUST use the correct Configurator version for the firmware version on your drone. This simply a necessary evil when enjoying Betaflight's open source application and firmware.
    Use Betaflight Configurator 10.4.0 for firmware versions 3.x.x. 

    Use Betaflight Configurator 10.5.1 for fi
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  10. EMAX Tinyhawk Freestyle

    EMAX Tinyhawk Freestyle

    In an endless strive to create the perfect flight experience, EMAX has created an optimal Tinyhawk for outdoor high voltage performance. Continuing the forward thinking of the original Tinyhawk, the Tinyhawk Freestyle is designed and engineered to offer superior performance in a micro scale while sustaining long flight times and maximizing durability.

    Utilizing a unique power system consisting of an all-new 1103 brushless motor paired together with the AVAN Rush 2.5 inch propeller, the Tinyhawk Freestyle offers unparalleled execution in thrust, control, and flight time. With a dual battery connector, pilots can use two Tinyhawk batteries simultaneously in order to increase the voltage and overall power output for outdoor performance with flight times over 8 minutes.

    Featuring a newly designed aerospace grade carbon fiber frame, ultimate durability while ma

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