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  1. EMAX Tinyhawk II

    EMAX Tinyhawk II

    In our endless search for perfected flight performance, our engineers at EMAX have revisited the Tinyhawk platform in order to optimize the user experience in the Tinyhawk II. With improvements made in every area, pilots will be able to navigate their aircraft in a variety of situations.
    The first of these improvements stems from the redesigned FPV transmission system. By partnering with the experts over at Runcam, the Tinyhawk II features the Nano 2 FPV Camera, known for its crisp colors, wide dynamic range, and sharp optics. Modifying the video transmitter with more filters and power has allowed the Tinyhawk II to have cleaner video than ever on 25mw, the indoor standard, as well as 100mw and 200mw options for increased range and object penetration while experiencing crystal clear video.
    Featuring motors which have a 7% increase in power, faster propeller speeds are achievable allowing an increase in speed, giving pilots an edge
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  2. EMAX FPV CAR-Interceptor

    EMAX FPV CAR-Interceptor

    In our never ending pursuit to create new experiences for thrill seekers to enjoy, EMAX has ventured into revolutionizing an old field with an all-new twist. With the Interceptor, we aim to introduce the first-person-view experience to enthusiasts with an intuitive platform.

    By having a first person view camera embedded into the body, using FPV Virtual Reality Goggles gives drivers complete immersion into the out of body experience of their surroundings. By utilizing a 1/18th scale frame, the Interceptor gives drivers a smaller than life viewpoint, giving a greater sense of scale and speed, increasing spatial awareness and offering a unique point of view.

    Featuring tires that are 20% larger than other vehicles in its class, paired with a rear friction coil shock system, a smooth experience is achieved in order to make driving in this small of a scale comparable to its larger counterparts. With the usage of racket pinion steering and an independent steering servo, con

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  3. EMAX Tinyhawk II Race

    EMAX Tinyhawk II Race

    In an effort to create various flight experiences for pilots of all skill levels, the engineers at EMAX have taken the Tinyhawk II platform and reshaped it for maximum outdoor performance. The result is the Tinyhawk II Race, a micro outdoor racing drone with incredible speed and power for a quadcopter in its class.

    Featuring a power system focused on speed and performance, the Tinyhawk II Race utilizes 1103 7500kv motors in order to achieve the higher RPM necessary to achieve its power to weight ratio. Paired together with the AVAN Blur, the 2 inch propeller helps combat the increase in power with increased flight time, ensuring the pilot has a long, fast, sustainable flight.

    One of the key elements in re-structuring the Tinyhawk II Race for a high speed enviroment was the design of the frame. By incorporating 3k woven aerospace grade carbon fiber into the frame of the aircraft, maximum durability is attained, making the aircraft

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  4. EMAX Tinyhawk Freestyle

    EMAX Tinyhawk Freestyle

    In an endless strive to create the perfect flight experience, EMAX has created an optimal Tinyhawk for outdoor high voltage performance. Continuing the forward thinking of the original Tinyhawk, the Tinyhawk Freestyle is designed and engineered to offer superior performance in a micro scale while sustaining long flight times and maximizing durability.

    Utilizing a unique power system consisting of an all-new 1103 brushless motor paired together with the AVAN Rush 2.5 inch propeller, the Tinyhawk Freestyle offers unparalleled execution in thrust, control, and flight time. With a dual battery connector, pilots can use two Tinyhawk batteries simultaneously in order to increase the voltage and overall power output for outdoor performance with flight times over 8 minutes.

    Featuring a newly designed aerospace grade carbon fiber frame, ultimate durability while ma

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  5. EMAX Nano FPV antenna

    EMAX Nano FPV antenna

    Introducing the EMAX Nano FPV antenna, the world's smallest and lightest circular polarized 5.8GHz antenna to date.

    Engineered from the ground up for performance and size, the head of the Nano comes in at .85 grams of weight, resulting in the perfect antenna for small, lightweight builds while maximizing the transmission range with a 3dbi gain.

    Featuring a range of different connector options, the Nano will work with any standard video transmitter featuring SMA and MMCX.

    Reliability is key when it comes to creating a solid video signal between drone and pilot which is why by utilizing a small form factor, the shell encasing the antenna was designed with maximum durability in mind without impacting the signal strength and performance.

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  6. EMAX - Babyhawk R pro 4 inch

    EMAX - Babyhawk R pro 4 inch

    With progress continually pushing the limits of drone technology, EMAX has again done the impossible. With the demand for larger scale performance in a smaller form factor, EMAX has achieved desirable flight characteristics in all aspects by scaling up the Babyhawk R Pro platform.

    By utilizing the completely reengineered Mini Magnum III, a miniature form factor was achieved while maintaining reliability in order to sustain flight characteristics of its larger counterparts. With a brand new power system, advancements in the 4 inch propeller class of this scale have never been achieved before.

    Featuring an efficient but powerful 1606 sized motor with 3300kv for 4s voltage, the Babyhawk R Pro 4 inch maximizes the smaller sized format in order to mimic 5 inch characteristics. The complete power system offers an 11:1 power ratio delivering unmatched performance

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  7. EMAX - AVAN Scimitar series

    EMAX - AVAN Scimitar series

    We are proud to announce the AVAN Scimitar series, our new line of propellers based on flight time, low amp draw, and durability. This was achieved with the iconic Scimitar sword design to achieve a durable thickness while maximizing flight performance on a low pitch.

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  8. EMAX - Introducing Tinyhawk S

    EMAX - Introducing Tinyhawk S

    The Tinyhawk encapsulated the technological advancements made within the micro drone field, designed to fully realize the potential performance of a drone the size of the palm of your hand. But the engineers at EMAX didn't stop there. With further advancements pushing the boundaries within this miniature scale, the Tinyhawk S was born.

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  9. EMAX - ECO Series

    EMAX - ECO Series

    When you freestyle, do you prefer low end torque or high end torque?

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  10. EMAX Buzz

    EMAX Buzz

    We are proud to announce the EMAX Buzz! The next generation in Freestyle oriented drones. Fully designed from the ground up, a robust frame with a newly engineered smooth motor will offer a premium flight experience for all pilots.

    From the beginning of design, center of gravity and durability were key elements in outlining the design goals of the Buzz. Utilizing advance composite 3k woven Carbon Fiber, robustness is gained while minimizing weight. In order to protect the drone from impact, the FPV camera mount was designed around aerospace grade aluminum, further improving the fortitude of the frame and giving pilots the confidence they need for a prime flight experience.

    With the newly designed Freestyle brushless motor system, EMAX's technology pushes new boundaries in terms of performance and responsiveness to allow smooth feedback, giving pilots a gre

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