EMAX - AVAN Scimitar series

We are proud to announce the AVAN Scimitar series, our new line of propellers based on flight time, low amp draw, and durability. This was achieved with the iconic Scimitar sword design to achieve a durable thickness while maximizing flight performance on a low pitch.

-The AVAN Scimitar 5x2.6x3 is included with
the BUZZ, our freestyle oriented FPV drone. 
This propeller is designed for higher KV motors 
for maximum response with a low pitch design, 
or for medium KV motors to maximize flight time.

-5x2.8x3 is the baseline prop. If you 
aren't sure what you like or you want 
something that's a combination of 
durability, flight time, and speed, this is 
the prop to go for. This will be great for 
freestylers or racers looking for a good 
middle ground.

-The 5x3.0x3 is a durable prop with the 
most aggressive pitch of the series. If you 
want more speed with insane durability to 
handle the power, this is the prop to go for. 
With a thickened design, this is the ultimate 
basher propeller.

-The 5x2.8x4 is set out to prove that 
quad blades do not mean 
"high amp draw." Using the scimitar 2.8 
design, this prop is a balance between 
each of the props with the addition of a 
super grippy design. If you prefer 
maximum control and grip in your racing 
or freestyle drone, this is the prop for you.

There is no perfect prop. Try them all to find 
out which propeller matches your flight style 
and motor/lipo combo with the AVAN Scimitar Sampler Pack.