EMAX Tinyhawk Freestyle

In an endless strive to create the perfect flight experience, EMAX has created an optimal Tinyhawk for outdoor high voltage performance. Continuing the forward thinking of the original Tinyhawk, the Tinyhawk Freestyle is designed and engineered to offer superior performance in a micro scale while sustaining long flight times and maximizing durability.

Utilizing a unique power system consisting of an all-new 1103 brushless motor paired together with the AVAN Rush 2.5 inch propeller, the Tinyhawk Freestyle offers unparalleled execution in thrust, control, and flight time. With a dual battery connector, pilots can use two Tinyhawk batteries simultaneously in order to increase the voltage and overall power output for outdoor performance with flight times over 8 minutes.

Featuring a newly designed aerospace grade carbon fiber frame, ultimate durability while maintaining minimal weight is achieved. Coupled together with a power-to-weight ratio of 7:1 offered by the power system, the Tinyhawk Freestyle offers a powerful and light weight flight experience for perfect control in any situation.

The Tinyhawk Freestyle is the ultimate micro outdoor racing drone designed for beginners and experienced pilots alike.