G.T. POWER Professional RC Tachometer RPM Reader for 2-9 Blades Propeller

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Brand name: G.T. Power
Item name: Professional RC Tachometer
Weight: 39g
Dimension: 90x54x16mm
Manufacturers ID: GTPRPM
Working Way:  photo electricity
Max.Indication: 99999
Display: LED
Blade: 2-9
Auto Turn Off: no signal for 1min
Backlight Color: blue
Battery: 220mah replaceable lithium battery
Function: To measure RPM of a spinning propeller,2-9 blades ones,memorize peak RPM datas.
* Compact and extremely portable
* 220 mah removable lithium button battery included
* Sharp backlit LCD screen. Viewable even under poor light condition
* Automatically shutoff when signals are not detected within one minute
Package Included:

1X G.T. Power Professional RC Tachometer RPM Reader