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Nighthawk-X4  **EXPECTED RELEASE 4-15-2016!**


The new X series frames were designed with one thing in mind….SPEED!



The Nighthawk-X4, X5, and X6 are EMAX’s first pure X frames with equidistant motor placement and centered mass for the ultimate in balance and agility. For ultra clean builds, our team created a custom PDB with Dual Shielded Voltage Regulators, integrated XT60 battery connector, low voltage buzzer and programmable LED strip. The built-in PDB serves as the top half of the main structural frame, eliminating the need for another carbon piece to save precious weight.  With all the components arranged towards the center, its center of gravity allows the X frame to turn in an instant. Different arm lengths make it convenient to change frame sizes...from 4” to 6”. Nighthawk-X6 (6” frame) “All-Up-Weight” is less than 490g with a 1000mah 4s battery, and can achieve high thrust to weight ratio.


  • Built-In 5V and 12V regulators supply ample amount of clean, filtered power to the electronics.

  • ESC Signal pads allow clean and efficient builds with less wires to be in the way.

  • Programmable RGB LEDs let user play with endless colors and features through the Flight Controller using Cleanflight-Configurator.

  • XT60 Connector directly mounted onto the PDB (Further reducing weight by eliminating heavy wires as well as risk of cutting power leads).

  • Dedicated signal pads are aligned with the Flight Controller to allow clean connections.


  • Change from 170, 200, or 240mm sized frame by simply swapping out arms.

  • Narrow width of the face of the arms allow more thrust to pass through.

  • Unique motor plate design lets the user install original EMAX Nighthawk Motor Guards.


Adjustable HD Camera Mount clips on top of the included Top plate and locks into place. Using the screws to loosen or tighten the angle adjustment mechanism, the mount can swivel from 30-45 degrees to let your HD Cam capture the most angled speed runs.



  • 170mm Motor-to-Motor distance
  • 3mm thick arms - available in 4" length

  • 1.5mm Bottom Carbon Fiber plate

  • 1.5mm Top Carbon Fiber plate

  • 1.5mm PDB

  • PDB Power Output: Filtered 12V @ 2A and 5V @ 3A Switching Regulators

  • 3 Programmable RGB LEDs (Runs on 5V)

  • Nighthawk-X4: 85g*

  • Nighthawk-X5: 90g*

  • Nighthawk-X6: 95g*

* - Frame weight includes all hardware.



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