★Nighthawk 250 II All Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Aircraft Frame

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 Update Log

1. With two lines of mounting holes, you can make it 250 size or 280 size  
2. For EMAX MT2204, you can upgrade it with motor canted plastic part--Made by EMAX
3. Can be upgraded with LED tail light     
4. We change the arms from 3mm to 4mm
5. For EMAX motor MT1806 and MT2204, wires come out straight along with the arms
6. Front and rear arms can not be swapped




  • All Carbon Fiber
  • Wheelbase: 250/280mm
  • Weight: 129g
  • Motor mounts:  Accommodate both M2 and M3 screws/bolts
  • 45*45 standard flight controller install size
  • With aluminum spacer and post
  • 17pcs M2*8mm screws for micro motors

Configuration Suggest:

  • Motor: EMAX MT1806/MT2204/MT2208
  • ESC: EMAX Simon12A/BLheli 12A/Nano 12A
  • Propeller: 5-6inch,5030/5040/6030/6045
  • Flight controller compatible: Skyline32,CC3D,Rabbit, KK, MWC, NAZA, and support Skyline32, KK2.0, CC3D 30.5*30.5 install size
  • Battery: 2S-4S, 1000~1800mAH
  • Camera: 32 CCD 808/808 V2

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