Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilization System ( Include GPS)

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Product name:Arkbird Tiny Flight Stabilization System ( Include GPS)
Arkbirt Tiny Flight Stabilization System is a high-accuracy autopilot designed for fixed-wing, which has capability of auto-balancing to ease the manipulation while flying. At the same time controls the balance, the return and many other maneuvers of your aircraft with high precision. The perfect auto-stabilization system and a plug-and-play design free you from worries and inconveniences and enjoy the beauty of FPV in an instant.


1. Function all in one broad, on broad IMU (Inertial measurement unit).
2. Plug & Play design, no need to weld any wire.
3. Intelligent PID controller. Easy to adjust, support delta-wing.
4. One button auto-leveling, semi-automatic flying; lock angle 45°with max sticks, auto-leveling after releasing sticks.
5. One button auto-leveling, one button RTH (return-to-home), lost radio signal return-home.
6. Gyro 3D balance.
7. Fence mode(Auto Switching to Return-to-Home Mode while flying out of the rectangle area specified.)
8. One button hover mode. regard the hover position as balance position

Please read below step carefully before use:

please power up after a wire check. Forcible satellite search interface will be entered (incontrollable) every time you power up. You can pop-up manually and adjust rudder angle in Manual Mode and auxiliary control in Balance Mode. A Neutral Point Check for the sensor is necessary. Also, you need a fail-safe protection for the receiver in case your autopilot loses control when returning home. Then you can take off. If GPS positioning is valid, GPS status LED will flash fast. 

For the first flight, we suggest take off with "Manual Mode". Check if the aircraft flies normally after switching to “Balance Mode” in a level flight. Then switch to "RTH Mode" and check the plane whether have hovering at 80M height overhead. When the maiden flight test is done, Balance Mode can be used freely for taking off the autopilot. Since there is no OSD module displays the flight status, our suggestion is before flying please double check RTH mode whether is properly for each flight. If works fine, you can use extended functions such as RTH or fence mode. 
If without accessing GPS module, You can switch between Manual, Balance, Gryo and Hover mode. 

 Goods delivered before Oct, 2015 were not upgraded to 2.10 firmware, so Fence and RTH mode can’t be properly used. Under this firmware, GPS status light flash fast, please register and upgrade your firmware referring our update instruction then you can use GPS function.