★HML650 Retractable Folding Landing Gear For Tarot 650 680pro HMF S550 10080230

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The retractable landing gear is designed for the multicopter Frame in order to provide a better perspective inaerial-filming/photography work.By using a 2-position switch channel of the R/C transmitter,you can control the landing gear to retract remotely.The retractable landing gear will not block the view of the camera lens,making smooth shooting in all directions possible.

Maximum load:4kg
Power support:DC 3S-6S 12V-22V
Suitable For Quadcopter/Hexacopter/Octocopter,Wheelbase less than 700mm

If the switch channel on the TX has fail-safe function,set the fail-safe value to [Lower] position,so that the landing gear will be in [Lower] status when the receiver enters fail-safe,to land the aircraft safely.To avoid false switch triggering,you can use the slide lever or other trim as the landing gear's control switch.

Please strictly follow the manual to assemble and use the retractable landing gear.As we have no control over use,setup,final assembly,modification or misuse,no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for any resulting damage or injury.By the act of use,setup or assembly,the user accepts all resulting liability.We accepts no liability for damage(s) or injuries incurred directly or indirectly from the use of this product.

Package Included:
1X HML650 Retractable Landing Gear