★Transformation 300mm All Carbon Fiber Foldable Quadcopter Aircraft Frame

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  • Wheelbase: 295mm
  • Weight: 172g (with landing gear)
  • Motor mounts:  Accommodate both M2 and M3 screws/bolts
  • 45*45 standard flight controller install size
  • With aluminum spacer and post


Configuration Suggest:

  • Motor: EMAX MT12204
  • ESC: 12A
  • Propeller: 5-6inch
  • Flight controller compatible: Naze32,CC3D,NAZA,Rabbit, KK, MWC, and support Naze32,CC3D,KK2.0 30.5*30.5 install size
  • Battery: 3S, 1300~2200mAH
  • Camera: 32 CCD 808/808 V2


RTF Images

Considering different flyers has their respective equipment and the gravity center impact caused by different battery, we offer two kinds of recommended installation methods, kindly refer to the picture below, in which the mobius cam has up and down 2 installation methods. 1300mah and 2200mah battery has 2 installation location,  receiver and FPV’s position is also changed, especially FPV antenna,which has five feeder extension wire installation position.Surely, we are happy to see you guys have your own unique installation.


 Specification    Type A1

 Specification    Type B1

 Specification    Type A2

 Specification    Type B2


ECSs Connect

As some customers reflected that they've no idea about how to start the ESCs when receive the frame ,we just take some photos and offer adetailed pohtos for ESC building,hope it is helpful.

1、Laying the ESC at the bottom of up board, and shunt the positive with negative power line ,red wire (positive) and red wire are welded together, black wire (negative) are welded with black, the layout is as follows:


2、Then solder the following cable with the above wires according to its color, which acted as the battery connector.


3、ESC is connected to the motor as shown,

Front arm connection


Back arm connection


4、Finish the line neatly,and connect the ESC line with flight controller in accordance with the flight controller’s requirement,also use nylon zip cable tie it to the bottom of up board.