Z-ONE 3 Axis Handle Gopro Gimbal Camera Stabilizer for Gopro 3+ Photography

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INFINITY GYGimbal 3D 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer is with beautiful appearance, small body and nice hand grip, makes your GOPRO perform outstanding jobs. You can hold the stabilizer for long time operation without tired feeling. Say good bye to blurry shots!
The product stabilizes your GOPRO under moving, chasing, turning and tilting conditions. Compatible to LCD BacPac, the product helps your GOPRO record everything you see. Record the best memories at anywhere, anytime!
Built-in high precise gyro, accelerometer and multi-mcus, the product can sense and reduce vibration instantly. The camera can keep horizontal and tilt attitude under moving and spinning condition.
Easy and simple to use. The product is compatible with LCD BacPac without changing parameter.
Smart power management. It takes 120mAh only under motionless condition (without LCD bacpac).
It’s equipped with two batteries and one battery charger. Each battery type is 18350, and the capacity is 900 mAh. The working time is around four hours.  
Different Modes Instruction
    Heading Following Mode:  Pitch and roll are locked. Heading rotates smoothly follow the direction of the handheld.
    Locking Mode: Heading, pitch and roll are locked.
    Heading and Pitch Following Mode: Roll is locked. Heading and pitch rotate smoothly follow the direction of the handheld.
- Built-in high precision gyro+accelerator dual CPU calculation
- Simple and easy to use, no need parameter adjustment
- Auto smart position sense
- Smart motor power control
- Smart motor locked-rotor protection
- With charge management chip for charger

- Work voltage: 6.8-17V
- Work current: 120mA Standard
- Static altitude follow precision: +/-0.01degree~+/-0.04degree
- Motion altitude follow precision: +/-0.2degree
- Pitch angle: -1800~+180degree
- Roll angle: -45~+35degree
- Heading angle range: -150~+150degree(V)
- Heading angle range: -50~+50degree(H)
- Pitch follow speed: 1-50degree/s
- Heading follow speed: 10degree/s
- Battery time: 3-5H(900mAh*2)
- Work temperature: -20~+45°C
- Work temperature: -20~45°C